Where to Buy Christmas Stamps Online

Skip the long lines at your local post office by ordering Christmas postage stamps online! Postage can be ordered from the following online vendors, though each have their strengths and weaknesses regarding price, selection and shipping speeds. Stamps can be purchased in sheets of 20 featuring a handful of designs and are valid postage for all 1 oz envelopes. (Rolls of holiday stamps are not available).

Amazon.com (5/5 - Best)

You can also order Christmas postage stamps from Amazon as well. You’ll pay a little more for a sheet of stamps but most of the stamps come with free 2-day shipping if you have Amazon Prime!

Amazon is also the only place that accepts returns on stamp purchases—even the post office doesn't allow postage to be returned. Selection varies but you can also find stamps from previous years no longer offered at your local post office. Here are just a few of the Christmas-themed stamps you can find on Amazon.com:

USPS on eBay (Official Store) (4/5 - Better)
USPS Store on Ebay (Official)

Note: The USPS Store on eBay has closed until further notice. (View Stamps from eBay Sellers)

There was an official USPS store on eBay where you could pay the same prices as you will at your local post office but they removed all of their products in late 2020. Alternatively, Ebay also offers Christmas stamps sold by individuals and businesses from both current and previous years making it the best place to find older Christmas stamps as well as affordable ones that have recently been issued.

USPS.com (3/5 - Good)

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers a current selection of Christmas-themed stamps for the holidays that you can buy online at face value plus $1.65 for shipping/handling.

Unfortunately USPS.com is the slowest stamp vendor—it can take 5-7 business days (i.e. 7-10 calendar days) to receive your stamps by mail.

Minted.com (0/5 - N/A)

Minted offered over 3,000 Christmas postage stamps in contrast to the USPS handful of designs. Custom postage was a great way to personalize the outside of your holiday cards.

Custom Christmas Stamps

Sadly, Minted is no longer selling postage after the USPS ended its custom postage program in the summer of 2020.

Minted had sold postage in three different face values (including two ounce letters and postcards which are not offered by the USPS for their holiday designs). Now there are no holiday-themed stamps available for postcards, 2 oz letters or square envelope Christmas mailings or postcards.

Zazzle.com (0/5 - N/A)

Zazzle stopped printing printing custom postage in 2018, but now due to the USPS ending the custom postage program, they also won't offer custom postage stamps in the future, either.

Shutterfly.com (0/5 - N/A)

Since Shutterfly is a popular choice for printing Christmas photo cards, in the past they offered custom holiday postage stamps to compliment their holiday cards. But after the USPS ended it's custom postage program in the summer of 2020, you can no longer purchase postage from Shutterfly.